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Shop for littlepip fallout on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.This action caused Blackjack considerable distress, though they successfully managed to get the Society and Collegiate to work together.However, this did not last long given the lengths Blackjack went to to keep her safe on The Seahorse.

Littlepip is a smart unicorn, prone to witty verbal remarks as well as many colorful epithets.After a trip to a museum which involved Blackjack getting drunk and killing a group trying to claim the bounty, where she also gelded one of the stallions, Blackjack recovered her equipment after saving a group of ponies from one of the Zodiacs.Blackjack has had two boats dropped on her in her time in Hoofington - three if you count an airship.While on the tracks, however, they had another encounter with U-21 while Blackjack was in a memory orb.

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In Fillydelphia, Littlepip faced off against Xenith in a pit fight, and was nearly killed by the zebra before she incapacitated her and lifted them out of the cage with her telekinesis.She is, however, well suited to the task with skills in hacking Terminals and pre-war technology in general.

Indeed, prolonged exposure actually seems to heal her in a similar fashion to Alicorns, Ghouls and Balefire Phoenixes, at one point allowing her to regrow a severed limb.

After dealing with some radigators, and discovering more about Big Macintosh and his marauders, Blackjack and company find themselves at the Fluttershy Medical Centre, where the Society and Collegiate are disputing who should control the old hospital.

She has also picked up a veritable array of unique weapons, including.Littlepip also cares very deeply for Xenith as a friend, and goes to great lengths for Xenith to feel comfortable among other ponies, even once helping to disguise Xenith as a pony and shopping with her.

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Though Littlepip is often unable to account for Xenith in combat due to their vastly different fighting styles, Littlepip absolutely trusts in Xenith to back her up.Her appearance was left the same as when she first left Stable 99, minus her cute-mark due to the effects of Project Eternity Necromancy.Blackjack (originally named Go Fish until she changed her name) was a security mare in the extremely matriarchal Stable 99, located near Hoofington.

Blackjack became covered in power armor from head to hoof with only her muzzle, mane and tail uncovered.Thus, Littlepip forged a closer bond with SteelHooves than he might normally have allowed.Rampage took Blackjack to the Reapers, who offered her a position among their ranks for killing both Gorgon and Deus.

This led to her using Folly for the final time to destroy the HMS Celestia, which the traitorous ranger Steel Rain was using to bomb the Hoof, and Blackjack was left blind and immobile.Characters, Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons, Project Horizons Characters.Her new body, however impressive, drains power much more rapidly that her previous model, especially when in flight.Blackjack saved Glory and fought her way out, though Operative Lighthooves escaped.Littlepip is driven by a deep-seated desire to help other ponies and to make the wastelands a better place.

She had great difficulty in acquiring a Twilight Sparkle statuette, finding fake Twilight statuettes on more than one occasion.This is her final body where she remained for the next two hundred years, unable to age.The innards of this model would later be integrated with her cybernetics.Similar to how several Alicorns have used blood-born weapons to attack, Littlepip has also gained the ability to craft blood into seemingly physical objects, including spears and hardened bandages or casts.

While at Tenpony Tower in Manehattan, Littlepip meets Homage, who is secretly the real DJ Pon3.While Spike and Littlepip were initially devastated to learn that she is not one of The Elements of Harmony, he has remained one of her closest ally.When they first met, he shot her four times due to her Raider-like appearance, almost killing her.She has since returned it to the family it came from, as a parting gift to the Highlander, Bluebell.She resolved to take it back from him and avenge all those he had murdered.